The sophistication of high class hospitality and excellence of local craftsmanship was matched by the architect. As the two existing wings of the property were extensively and elaborately decorated with wall frescos and for decoration in the third wing client wanted a continuation of the heritage style but with less of painting and frescos. So, stone work was used in its most fascinating forms with various types of art work i.e. inlay, engraving, embossing and overlay. No words can convey an idea of the marvelous spectacle of well and graciously and artistically applied wealth which has harnessed to make a combination of natural and contrived beauty, open for the enjoyment of all the guests and cannot be seen at such terms anywhere.

Flooring of the spillover of Curio Shop is in a splendid floral and geometric decoration inlaid with Black Kaddapa in Banswara White Marble.

The Common toilet is in Banswara White Marble which suits the heritage character of the building. The marble is embossed with floral, geometric and marble mosaic patterns.

The Restaurant is in Banswara White Marble as white symbolizes purity, goodness, and spirituality. The restaurant is paved with Banswara white marble and surrounded by an ambulatory screened Banswara White Marble jaali.

The cartouche (jaali) contains flowers with symmetrically arranged blossoms.

All Floor corridors have a variety of niches. The insets of niches are in geometric patterns which reflect the inclination towards heritage.

Red Sandstone and White Marble are the principle materials used to turn dreams into reality.

Low relief work done on Dholpur Red Sandstone column. Flowers and leaves also finds naturalistic expression in monochrome carved marbles.

Project Name: Shahpura House

Client Name: Mr. Surendra Singh

Location: Bani Park , Jaipur, Rajasthan

Type: Hospitality

Design Ethos: Indian

Our Service: Architectural / Interiors & Décor

Status: Completed

Total Area: 9000 sq.ft.