Sthapatya Architects is a Jaipur based architectural consulting firm, established in 1994 by the architects duo and co-founders Sandeep Khandelwal and Ritu Khandelwal. They graduated from the first batch of architecture from MNIT , Jaipur and are members of the IIA, COA, IIID, PHD and PETA. Plunging straight into private practice, right from college times, the creative couple progressed to make a mark in the design fabric of Rajasthan.

They choose to be a medium sized firm with a set of very closely knit team of architects, interior designers, civil engineers, visual artists and landscape designers. Complete thought collaboration with the clients, experimenting with various design vocabularies, using handcrafted elements and a passion for natural stones is a major influence for the design language of the firm. With a modern and progressive methodology using latest technology & tools of design, the work place is a nurturing and informal environment to bring out the best in design inculcating a studio space like culture.

Sandeep KhandelwalFounder

Sandeep Khandelwal is a naturalist, wild life lover, keen photographer and travel enthusiast apart from having an affinity to a vernacular style of architecture. He involves himself in architectural, landscaping and heritage restoration projects. Apart from this, he has been involved in a wide variety of projects ranging from private residences, townships, residential apartments, schools/ colleges, hotels/cafes, entertainment industries, forest orientation centers to zoological parks.

He is a designer with spontaneity, spending a lot of time on sites with hands on approach towards his projects. Sandeep values environment and his works responds to its surroundings very well. He laughs while he works and works while he sleeps.
His favorite Tag line ‘I am still learning’

He can be reached on sandeep@sthapatyarchitects.com

Ritu KhandelwalFounder

Ritu Khandelwal is deeply involved in art and culture with an immense fondness for poetry and Indian classical music. She enjoys visiting new cities, observing monuments, exploring city fabric with people and their culture .She shares her husband’s passion for the jungles and birds. She involves herself in well detailed interior design projects with a forte in using and experimenting with varied materials available. Indian aesthetics, sensitivity to the humane aspect of design, an affinity to artisans and crafts men and a deep understanding of her client’s preferences makes her work distinct.

Ritu has been involved in projects like luxury residences, hospitality, schools and retail. Her appreciation for heritage significance and its modern adaptations in varied context is a deeply embedded sentiment in her work. With her multifarious perception towards design, she never ceases to entwine modernity for the contemporary spaces, beholding her belief that, ‘variety is the key to success.’ Her initiative in the form of an event called NineDotSquares is a catalyst to let the Indian treasure of art and craft be more valued and used in the modern day design language.
Her favorite tag line ‘… And miles to go before I sleep’

She can be reached on ritu@sthapatyarchitects.com