Simplicity and elegance of Rajwada is indeed, a peace retreat, away from the stresses of life. Situated amidst a naturesque context, Rajwada is delicately woven into landscape. The design process was initiated with existing trees on site as a focus. Working within context of existing trees was a challenge that has been overcome with thorough attention to detail and sufficient planning.

Approaching the site from the main gate, one experiences a rhythmic succession of spaces incorporating a series of open, semi open and covered spaces. Fronted by landscape on three sides the restaurant is accessed through a large foyer space. The elevation of the building is framed behind keeping the landscape in front which aims people to take leisure of the outdoor seating in a natural environment.

The landscape plan is developed in an organic manner. The circular and elliptical form evolving organically from the interactive spirit of people enables a smooth corner-free circulation. Transitions in landscape are crafted from various levels, curves and textures separating spaces from one another and simultaneously maintaining the homogeneity as every landscape feature melts itself to form a congruous whole. Materials and construction techniques are downplayed in favour of an atmospheric relationship to environment. The material palette contains sandstone flooring, pebbles in gabion wall and iron furniture adding a rustic character to the landscape. Infinity pool , a small pond, water spouts and mist line have also been added to make the environment cool and calm. Water wise plants have been chosen considering the existing climate to achieve a combination of sculptural and foliage accents.

Project Name: Rajwada Club And Dinning.

Client Name: Mr. P.M.S. Dev

Location: Kukas, Jaipur, Rajasthan

Type: Hospitality / Landscape

Design Ethos: Eclectic / European

Our Service: Architectural / Interiors & Décor / Landscape Design

Status: Ongoing

Total Area: 39000Sq. Ft.