Colors of Rajasthan                

The inspiration for the hotel has been drawn from the culture of Rajasthan, which represents a festive and royal experience. Monochrome palette of yellow sandstone, desert colors will dominate the spaces evoking an experience of living in a rural setting. Deep values of burnt seinna and crimson will color the hotel with the Rajasthani feel further enriching the experience with lustourous gold.

Glimpses of diverse craft forms such as, thikri work, blue pottery, silver wares, stone carving, bahi, stone bone inlay, tarkashi, seep ka kaam and rajasthani miniature paintings could be seen in the hotel, which is used as elements of visual imagery to express the rich heritage of Rajasthan.

Each room provides a unique experience for the occupant colored in the living heritage of Rajasthan.

Neelo Kamro (The royal blue room) & Ferozi Kamro (The light blue room), are both inspired from the cluster of houses on the streets of Jodhpur, and on the other hand, Haldi (trumeric), Kesariya (saffron) and Chandan ko Kamro (The Sandalwood Room) subtly showcases the occupant to the feel of the golden city of Rajasthan, Jaisalmer. Kundan, which is a traditional form of rich Indian gemstone inspires the theme for the presidential suite for the hotel and is called Kundan ko Kamro (The Rich Jewel Room). And last but not the least, Geruo Kamro ( The Pink Sandstone Room) features the charm of char deewari color palette of the old Jaipur City.

Project Name: Hotel Laxmi Palace

Client Name: Mr. Dilip Utmani

Location: Bani Park, Jaipur, Rajasthan

Type: Hospitality

Design Ethos: Indian

Our Service: Interiors & Décor / Project Management

Status: Ongoing

Total Area: Total: 4400 sq.ft.