The Periwal’s house is designed in European style, with an emphasis on symmetry, repetition, and layers of details because the client’s taste is refined and traditional. The smoothly finished broad facade is adorned with Corinthian pillars of cast concrete and arched alcoves sheltering two European urns. The facade is wide and sprawling, making the house appear large and perhaps more intimidating than it really is. Its basic footprint is rectangular, narrowing from front to back, allowing natural light to permeate the house, giving it a warm translucence. The terrazzo work throughout the home is extraordinary- each floor is designed uniquely. An exposed aggregate concrete driveway leads to the front door. The high, round- topped entrance doors typical of European style; filigreed mouldings; custom- designed wrought iron work and featured fountain are the main adornment of the facade. Various statues are also placed to give it more of European ambience.

The rooms are voluminously proportioned. The ceiling is subtly detailed with applied mouldings; flowers and festoons further adorned with brackets. The column motif is once again repeated on the interior walls. The formal dining room is regal, designed for stately entertainment with a high, coved ceiling, recessed lighting supplementing the crystal sconces and chandeliers, and towering candelabra. In the foyer ; a custom wrought iron guardrail with toughened glass, capped with a wooden handrail, lines the upstairs gallery. The ceiling is crowned with a skylight with a stunning crystal chandelier. Large Venetian mirrors and flowers, artwork and decorative mouldings adorn the walls and ceilings. The furniture has inspired by classical motifs. They are made of wood and are inlaid to give opulent appearance to the place. Furniture has curve, little paws at the bottom, high-relief carvings of nature motifs and are lavishly gilded with gold finish.

The bathrooms posses’ custom cabinetry, terrazzo flooring and Venetian mirrors are placed on wall with crystal lighting.

A wide and beautiful landscape is designed in front of the facade in order to combine luxury and opulence with a relaxed atmosphere to provide a home with an elegant charm.

Sthapatya paid meticulous attention to the desires and dreams of their client and in the end created for them a house that immediately felt as if they had never lived anywhere else.

Project Name: Periwal Residence - Exterior

Client Name: Mr. Rupendra Periwal

Location: Mahapura, Jaipur, Rajasthan

Type: Residential

Design Ethos: European

Our Service: Architectural / Interiors & Décor

Status: Completed

Total Area: 2,200 Sq.Ft.