Remarkably known Hanugeet Heights apartments are promoted by Castle Developers Ltd. Located in Kalawad Road, Jaipur.
Modern architectural style has been followed in its construction. The highlighted elements of the buildings are clean and crisp geometrical lines with neutral colours. Jaali's, particularly in rectangular shape, are pre-dominant feature of the building further getting accentuated as a jali mosaic on the building facade.
Architecture of the building has been planned in a way that wind and natural light is spreading efficiently in inner space through multiple window openings on the corners and sides of the building. Therfore, the elements of the building are used in a way that it is creating a linear composition which is adding to the modern charm of the building.

Project Name: Hanugeet Heights (Residential Apartment)

Client Name: Castle Touch Developers Ltd.

Location: Kalawad Road, Jaipur, Rajasthan

Type: Residential

Design Ethos: Modern

Our Service: Architectural / Interiors & Décor

Status: Ongoing

Total Area: 1,94,000 Sq.ft.