Located in the northwest India, about 16 kms from Bhilwara (a highly industrialized sector of Rajasthan) lies the Mejagarh Fort. The study unravels how the founder of the royal legacy of Meja Rawal Amar Singh Ji, who was in the service of the Maharana of Mewar, inherited the property. Impressed & overwhelmed by his act of bravery & loyalty, Maharana Shambhu Singh Ji granted him a Jagir in 1871, comprising of a picturesque village called Meja along with 23 other hamlets, surrounded by a scenic topography. Meja dam is one of the biggest irrigation projects in the state.  Began in the year 1875, the fort was assertively built over five years, under the supervision of Rawat Amar Singh Ji. Meja easily resolves into two cognate units, inseparable yet distinct and unique; fort and village.   Meja’s architecture is a superlative blend of Rajput and Mughal style that was favoured by ruling elite at that time. Its austere facade is lightened by a large intricately carved jharokha on the top of an arched gateway with a huge wood and iron doors. The palace is built on a regular plan with two chowks (courtyards) and burj on its four corners.


The arched entrance leads to the Mardana Chowk (outer courtyard) which is enclosed on all sides by various areas such as Mata Ji ka Mandir, Salah Khana, Neeche ki Tabariya, Mardana Baithak etc. The Janana Chowk, located in a separate wing with its entrance through the Mardana Chowk. The Janana Chowk is enclosed in the same manner as the Mardana Chowk with areas such as Devata ka Tabariya, Devata ka Kamra, Bartano ka Kamra, Dhaan ka Kamra, Bhandaar, Tulsi ka Kamra etc.


Land Area of the Fort: approx. 48,260 sq. ft. Plinth Area of the Fort: 19,000 sq. ft.  

Comprising of four floors, the Fort had about 50 rooms & 12 rest rooms apart from about 10 open courtyards, which can be converted into Halls.   

Project Name: Mejagarh Fort

Client Name: Priyamvada Singh

Location: Meja, Bhilwara, Rajasthan

Type: Heritage Conservation

Design Ethos: Indian

Our Service: Architectural / Interiors & Décor / Landscape Design / Heritage Conservation

Status: Ongoing

Total Area: 24,000 Sq.Ft.