Remarkable presence of the past marks the jointly owned home of Mr. Arun Palawat ( a Connoisseur of traditional Indian apparel brand ‘ Zari’) and his two sons. From the innumerable interior design styles now influencing our country, we may call it CONTEMPORARY INDO ASIAN STYLE, where ‘old soul’ of many unique local decorative techniques are huge and readily available to create a young structure of a modern home.It recalls the sort of scale, warmth and thorough bred Indian leaning taste that used to mark the homes of Indian royalty.

The project is not afraid but proudly announces the treasure of a rich vibrant color palate, bold prints and patterns, heavy drapes, ornate mirrors and delicate chandeliers, opulent authentic silver furniture, intricate original miniatures, thikdi and fresco decoration, stone textures and carvings, old qaaleens and ivory artifacts.

A Pichhwai painting customized on a 20’ high wall of the central living room with the whole color palate derived out of the unique blue Krishna cow and its saffron legs, intrigues and surprises all who enter.

The project marks the era of appreciating Indian roots in contemporary interior design practice.

Project Name: RajShikhar Villa

Client Name: Mr. Arun Palawat

Location: Priyadarshi Marg, Tilak Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan

Type: Residential

Design Ethos: Indian / Asian Tropical

Our Service: Architectural / Interiors & Décor / Landscape Design

Status: Completed

Total Area: 11,795 Sq.Ft.